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  LIONEL BASTOS is a multiple award-nominated and award winning artist/singer/songwriter and producer who has written songs and produced albums for some of the top artists in South Africa and abroad including Vicky Sampson, Wendy Oldfield, Coleske, Ed Jordan, Little Sisiter, Andre Schwartz, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka, David Abatte, Clout, BERNIE WILLIAMS, JIMMY WAGNER (Luxemburg), LEIGH MATTY (UK), TRIO RIO. THE REESPECT (German ), James Stewart, Karin Nortje, Emmanuel Castis, Jeremy Mansfield, the official 1998 SAFA FIFA World Cup CD and last year’s DSTV ad “More” to name a few.

He is recognised as one of South Africa’s most versatile and covered songwriters.

He has released four CD’s
As leader of "Be like water…um…”
“Rising above the madness”

He has recently released his 5th album, “hmmm…”

Press Release on Hmmm page

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